Michelin 3.00 – 18 52S CITY PRO RF TT esirehv/tagarehv


Tootja: Michelin
Rehvimõõt: 3.00 – 18 52S TT
Type: TT

10 laos

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MICHELIN 3.00/ 18 52S CITY PRO RF TT F/R rehv

Do you have a lightweight motorcycle, moped or scooter, then the Michelin City Pro might be the one for you. Extremely robust MICHELIN City Pro tyres that provide great puncture resistance in any conditions and are long-lasting too. Thanks to MICHELIN OVERLAP TECHNOLOGY (MOT), it is unlikely that these tyres will get a puncture. Because of their central groove, wheat-ear pattern and variable tread depth depending on the angle of the motorcycle, MICHELIN City Pro tyres now displace water even more effectively.